Republic of Chocolate

In the early 70’s, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory figuratively opened its doors to the public leaving our imaginations bewildered with sweet surprises. Not to mention, Willy Wonka’s brightly purple coloured suit and the eerie vibe Gene Wilder portrays on the big screen as the plot thickens. On the other hand, the movie remake […]


Philippine Made Pasalubong

  Philippine Made Pasalubong Order Form Here   Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar and Uncle Frank’s Coco Jam: A toast to coconut farmers – The Philippines’ warm, balmy climate made us one of the world’s top coconut producers. Because of its high value, farmers may harvest coco nectar yields of as much as 10 times their income […]


Busan, South Korea

Why travel to Busan? Busan seems underrated next to Seoul. Though the city represents a more laid back image in contrast with the capital’s fast-paced life, Busan earned and uphold its rank as the 2nd largest city and widely-known as the “Summer Capital of South Korea”. No pun intended, but it is discerningly noticeable that […]