Busan, South Korea

Why travel to Busan? Busan seems underrated next to Seoul. Though the city represents a more laid back image in contrast with the capital’s fast-paced life, Busan earned and uphold its rank as the 2nd largest city and widely-known as the “Summer Capital of South Korea”. No pun intended, but it is discerningly noticeable that […]

Bangkok Tour

“Turn your days into nights, as the city illuminates in the dusk. Vibrant lights and positive beats invite each ardent soul in this festive glory. Bangkok will surely leave your jaw-dropping!”. Anyone could get lost in Suvarnabhumi Airport. The terminal bagged 7th place as one of the largest in the world and I can personally […]

Getting to Kokura in Kitakyushu

The point of entry in Japan is really up to you. On the contrary, if originating from Fukuoka, travel time would only take less than an hour by Shinkansen Bullet Train. Mostly, tourists opt to stay in Hakata – noted as one of the contemporary areas in Japan or in other distant parts of Fukuoka and […]

Fukuoka, Japan

Booking.com Kokura Adventure The irony of being known as an ancient castle town when the place itself is now considered as one of the modern well-developed districts around Kitakyushu. It may seem located at the far side of Fukuoka, but with the country’s highly advanced rail and subway system, travel time between airport to Kokura […]

Taiwan Tourist Visa Application

Admit it. Oftentimes we get worked up every time PAL or Cebu Pacific flashes promo fares on facebook or by checking your inbox. It doesn’t matter if that so-called elusive visa is required. Better book without breaking your bank than miss the moment. Damn straight. Tickets were purchased six (6) months in advance without an afterthought […]

Taiwan version 2.0

Without a doubt, along with my better half, we needed a quick getaway before Easter ends and can’t think of any neighbouring countries other than Taiwan. Few impeccable reasons why should you as well: 1. Exchange Rate/ Shopping – Let’s do the math: TWD 1= PHP 1.50. Makes sense? Travelling within definite limits can either […]

Nairobi: Culture in a cup

I closed my eyes for a moment. I could only hear footsteps towards me. “Can I ask for some water?”, I immediately opened my eyes and a baby bottle was handed to me by a beautiful African woman around mid-thirties dressed in a very colorful garment or Kanga rather. Headed down to the galley and filled the […]