Jackie Lim

Travel Writer from Manila, Philippines


Why travel blogging?

It started when I needed some breather in 2006. I lost my Mom to an unexpected massive heart attack and the passing of Simba, our 6-month-old Chow-Chow. There’s no easy way out but a quick getaway. We then jetted-off to Hong Kong and by this sudden change of scenery, it was indeed uplifting. It turned out to be a sort of a necessity after, thus unintentionally became fascinated with traveling as the years came by.

My career path voluntarily shifted towards the Aviation Industry. Between 2008 – 2009, I got in as a Check-in Agent for Cathay Pacific Airways and Philippine Airlines. Fast-forward 2010, the year I signed up with Qatar Airways as a Cabin Crew. An opportune time to travel more and… even more. Based in Doha, Qatar in 2011, away from my hubby and family was indeed a reality check. My perspective on things changed. I was 30 by that time. Layover in different countries became insipid and led me fleeing one of the most coveted jobs in the world. I just really, really missed home.


In case you’re wondering, I didn’t lose it. My decision and desire to work in a Manila-based setting just simply is for me while getting a vacation every now and then, depending on our savings fund. I know, blogging can get pretty much unstable at times when my train of thought gets disrupted. Then all of a sudden, after a mental breakthrough, I continue to picture myself as a virtual guide all set to hand over some useful tips to steer clear from frustrating travel mishaps. Other articles will be posted the soonest my fellow travellers, so please… stay tuned for more!


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